Fishing Report

All fishing reports are exact. We will not exaggerate fish totals or weights to gain your business. All large fish are weighed on a Boga Grip.

Rodman Reservoir and Area Fishing Report 11/15/202311/15/2023

Behind on the fishing report as usual, woke up early and decided to get one out! Fishing is nothing short of magnificent! The really good news also is that the big girls are also starting to show up and in more than one location! Trips on Rodman are producing 40-50 bass per day with fish coming in over 10lbs! The lake is indescribably beautiful! Crystal clear water and the leaves are starting to turn and I personally can’t imagine a more beautiful place! New customer Kelly Knop made it in for a few days of fishing on Rodman and caught 86 bass topped by bass that weighed 8lbs 9oz and 10lbs 3oz!! So glad Mr. Knop got to check that double digit off his bucket list! Ocala National forest lakes are also hot right now! A lot of days producing 50-85 bass! Customer Robert Griffith and Co. made it in for one such trip and boated 53 bass to 10lbs!! Next up had return customer Rich McClanahan all the way in from Oklahoma and in a few days boated 72 bass topped by an absolutely beautiful bass that weighed 11lbs 1oz!!!!! Then yesterday had return customer Bob Gordon in for his first day of a 4 day trip and Mr. Gordon boated 29 bass topped by fish that weighed 6lbs 9oz, 7lbs 1oz, 8lbs 2oz, 8lbs 8oz and 9lbs 1oz!! The 5 best weighed a respectable 39lbs 5oz!! So S you can see it’s a fun and exciting time as the fishing ramps up in what I expect to be a year that gets better and better!!!!

Rodman Reservoir Fishing Report 10/26/202310/26/2023

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! As most of you know Fall is BY FAR my most favorite time of the year! Our fish in this area are in the early phase of pre-spawn and are starting to get that egg weight, feed like crazy and soon will be looking like Gorillas! A lot of the really big females on Rodman and surrounding waters will go early if the water temps are right and we see a lot of the beast fish moving shallow to do their thing in January and February. I start my fiscal year, every year on October 1st and am excited and wonder how this new year will play out? There are a lot of positive things happening on Rodman right now! As most of you know they called off the drawdown due to the re-emergence of eel grass and in portions of the lake it’s returning in spades! This bodes very well for the future of the lake and we are already seeing the positive effects. I am excited to see how this year will pan out! You just never know. I’ve had years where we caught over 230 trophy bass and a year where we only caught 44. The year we caught 44 was in 2016 and the issue was that there was so much bait fish in the lake that they just flat didn’t have to eat your bait because they were stuffed to the gills! Most years produce 150-200 trophy bass. In 2021 we caught 190 but had an absolutely mind boggling 70+ bass over 10lbs! Including 5 that were over 13lbs! Last year we had 200. Can’t wait to see what wonder this year brings! Trips have been producing 30-40 bass per day on Rodman and trips to National Forest lakes have still been producing 50-80+ with lots of great bass!! So blessed to be back to fishing 7 days a week and happy that this beautiful Fall weather is here after the absolutely sweltering Summer we had!!

Rodman Reservoir Fishing Report 10/5/202310/05/2023

It has sure been a fun couple of weeks since my last report. The fishing has been great and Fall is a WONDERFUL time to be on the water. Maybe my very favorite. The vegetation is plentiful but the water is beautiful and you can see things starting to round into shape. So many great trips, fun people and memories made to mention everyone, but a basic breakdown is this: Trips on Rodman Reservoir have been typically producing 25-40 per day with gobs of great fish and a pile caught since my last post between 8 and 9-1/2lbs Forest lakes are ramping back up and trips there are producing 50-85 bass per day and have produced fish up to slightly over 10lbs! The time of year is here and it’s time to have some serious fun!!!!

Rodman Reservoir Bass Fishing Guides Report 8/25/202308/25/2023

Summer Fun and Good Fishing Continues! Been another fun week of fishing and as most of you have seen, delighted with the new Prodigy MudBoat and the possibilities that boat opens up for us! Rodman and smaller area lakes continue to be hot. First we had long time return customer Greg Brasfield and his Dad in for a morning trip on Rodman and they kept me laughing all day and the boys scored early and often! Boating 42 bass to 8lbs, with scores of fish 4-7lbs. Next up I had long time return customer Bill Stanko in for a 3 day trip and the man caught 100 bass even on Rodman in those 3 days. He caught 31 the first day, 34 the second and wrapped it up with 35. A couple of those days he had multiple big fish along with a bunch of beauties! Had several fish that topped the 8lb mark. One day this week we also ventured to a forest lake with new customer Charles Weaver and caught 69 bass with the biggest coming in at 6-3/4lbs. Finally we had new customer PJ McConnell and friend in for a morning trip and the first timers boated 31 bass on Rodman with a 7 & 8lber being big fish for the trip. Really excited for the rest of the Summer and looking forward to the Fall and awesome fishing that is sure to follow!

Rodman Reservoir Bass Fishing Report 8/11/202308/11/2023

Crazy Fun Summer Fishing!!! Super behind on fishing reports…….as usual…….but am beyond blessed and grateful to be crazy busy!! I’ve got the best and some of the most bass savvy and hard core customers!! Want to first say how truly fortunate I am to have this extended fishing family : ) Well the long and short of it is that I love fishing this time of year and some days it’s nothing short of magical. Every trip except one has produced between 25 and 64 bass! The only one that didn’t we had a 5-6 foot long Alligator terrorizing our fishing area! Lol Most trips are producing 30-40 and are short morning trips to beat the heat and the afternoon storms! Catching gobs of beautiful bass and every fish pictured I believe are between 7-10lbs! With several beauties between 8-10 lbs since my last report! One trip that I’m especially proud of is my elder statesman Robin Hayes and his Grandson that joined me for a short morning trip that wrapped up about 9:30am with the boys boating a healthy 38 bass and Mr. Robin got a long and lean 9.75 pounder! I have had trips that eclipsed those numbers, but just fish after fish that day was between 5-7lbs topped by Robin’s big bass! Looking forward to the fun Summer fishing ahead!

Rodman Reservoir Bass Fishing Report 7/1/202307/01/2023

Happy 4th of July Weekend to everyone! Well it’s been a tale of some up and down weather and adjusting to some water conditions. I always tell people that being a fishing guide is a lot like being a farmer. Often times Mother Nature can deal you a hand that is completely out of your control. That was certainly the case two weeks ago when severe late night and early morning thunder and lightning storms unfortunately only allowed us one day on the water! What accompanied these storms was intense lightning, sometimes hail and just an absolute deluge of rain! Well Rodman being part of a river system, it wrought complete havoc as the water went from being crystal clear to looking like chocolate milk. This can be challenging fishing, but it can also be an opportunity if you realize what the fish are going to do. The numbers for a few days went down to the mid-teens but we started getting some really great fish between 8-10lbs!! By the end of the week the numbers were back up to 25-30. Another way to take advantage of a rain event is that as much as it may hurt the fishing one place, another it might help tremendously! Some lakes desperately needed the rain! So I ventured to one of the forest lakes with some pretty crazy results! Day one on this lake customer Joel Dabney and son caught 74 bass by 8:45am!!!! The next day customer and friend Keith Earnest, friend and son caught a whopping 113 bass by 8:59am!!!! You read that right! In less than 3 hours caught 113 ! It was complete fishing pandominium! The moral of the story is that there can always be a bright spot in a challenging situation !

Rodman Reservoir Fishing Report 5/26/2023 05/26/2023

FISHING ON ABSOLUTE FIRE! The fishing not only has continued to be good, it’s done nothing short of exploded! To be honest I’m not even sure where to start!! Lol So we’ll start with Rodman. The late Spring fishing is on absolute fire! The majority of the trips are producing between 50-70 Bass per day! The least bass we’ve had on a trip is 32 which was the final day of Jon Rhodes and friend’s trip and that day it was topped off by a gorgeous 11lber! Next came Jerry Newport and son for 2 days fishing and the duo boated 112 bass in two days with bass up to 8lbs 10oz. Next I had long time customer and pal Rajah Jackson and Buck in for two days fishing and the duo boated 113 bass in two days with tons of stud bass!! Next came Mark H. and friend in for a three day trip and the pair boated an incredible 169 bass in 3 days!!! Day 1 they boated 67 bass topped by bass that weighed 8-1/4 & 10lbs 2oz, Day 2 they boated 53 bass to 10lbs 6oz and on the last day they boated 49 bass to 7-1/4lbs! Now on to the forest lake action. This week we had customer Pat Cassidy in for a short morning trip that yielded 71 Bass to 9lbs 1oz!! Last but certainly not least we had long time return customer Jay O’Brien and his sons in for a short morning trip and the guys boated an incredible 86 bass topped by Parker’s 12lb 3oz WHOPPER!!!! The fun has begun!!!! Hope everyone has a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend!

Rodman Reservoir Fishing Report 5/12/202305/12/2023

Sooooo excited as awesome fishing on multiple bodies of water continues!! It’s been another incredibly fun week of fishing on Rodman! Just really, really love this time of year and the lake is absolutely beautiful and teeming with life! Water is clear and beautiful and vegetation that I haven’t seen in years is starting to re-emerge. That all adds up to GREAT fishing and the fishing has gotten even better this week! Nearly every trip this week produced between 30 and 50 big, beautiful, healthy, powerhouse bass! A lot of fun trips this week, but one that is standing out is new customer Jon Rhodes and pal Mike from Missouri. The fellas are here for a 3 day trip and the first two days have been stellar. On day one the boys boated 47 bass topped by bass weighing 7-1/2 and 8lbs 1oz. Day 2 started quick and never let up! After putting several bass in the boat, Jon struck first on a bigger one boating a beautiful fish weighing 7lbs 9oz. Not to be outdone just a couple of minutes later Mike put an ABSOLUTELY gorgeous Rodman STUD that tipped the scales at 11lbs even!! A couple of hours went by and a lot more beautiful fish came over the side of the boat and not to be outdone Jon, in the last hour of the day boats ANOTHER Rodman HAWG that actually got his buddie’s bass by one ounce coming in at 11lbs 1oz!!!! The boys ended the day with 43 bass for a two day total of 90 bass! The forest lakes also continue to be HOT with one trip this week producing 75 bass and the other trip producing 87 bass!! Biggest out of these lakes was about 8lbs. Fishing is GOOD, LIFE IS GOOD!!!!