Fishing Report

All fishing reports are exact. We will not exaggerate fish totals or weights to gain your business. All large fish are weighed on a Boga Grip.


I have been fishing on these waters for over 40 years and have seen some great fishing over the years. But I am TRULY excited about the fishing that is going on here right now in the middle of the summer. We are catching 40-70 bass per day right now with lots of BIG bass coming over the side of the boat. Customer Truman Donoho and friends came in for a mornings fishing and they boated 44 bass topped by an 11 pounder. Two days later John Bishop and friends came in for a morning trip and boated about 40 topped by a hulking 11 pound 10 ounce. Just today I had The Owen Boys from Ohio in for a really short 4 hour trip and on their first trip to Florida bass fishing they caught 34 with a 7 pound 2 ounce and a long and lean 10 pounder. As you can see the big bass bite is in full swing right now and I'm really excited about how this Summer seems to be shaping up,

Great Early Spring Fishing04/10/2019

April is upon us and it is one of my favorite times to fish! The bass are post spawn for the most part here on Rodman Reservoir now and the fish are getting back to some explosive feeding. Trips are generally producing 25-35 bass per day and seems to be getting better every day. The Big Florida Bass bite is still on. I had 26 year old customer Emily Hann boat a GORGEOUS 12 pound HAWG! She boated the bass on light gear and 15 pound test and was one of nearly 30 beautiful bass boated that day. I am really excited about this upcoming Spring and Summer!

Time For The Big Girls02/22/2019

Folks its that magical time of the year when trophy bass start to show up in droves. The trophy bass bite is incredible the last week or so and lots of dreams have come true. Longtime customer Tom Martin was able to boat his personal best 10lb 7oz bass. Long time customer Gary Long also scored his personal best at 10lbs 8oz. Long time return customer Harold Hendren who caught one right at 12lbs with me earlier in the year came back and caught another one that tipped the scales at 10lbs 12oz. New customer Fred Foose got in on the action boating a fish that came in at 10lbs even. Lucky Mike Galbusieri got a 9lb 14oz and return customer Derwin Jordan also nabbed a beauty that came in at 10lbs. So the place is here and the time is now.

Florida Bass Fishing At Its Finest On Rodman Reservoir01/29/2019

I am truly amazed at how consistent the fish have bit over the last year to year and a half on Rodman Reservoir! We have been so incredibly blessed that it seems like no matter what the conditions are, we are able to pull off some great trips for our customers of our guide service. Cold, rain, heat, wind, they have bit straight through it all! Trips this week have been producing lots of 35-50 bass days on Rodman Reservoir and only 4 months into my season I believe I have already exceeded the trophy bass totals from ALL of last year!

Stellar Winter Fishing and Lots of Trophy Bass01/10/2019

The fishing this winter remains hot. Trips are still producing 30-45 bass per day with lots and lots of trophy bass coming over the side of the boat. We are well ahead of our pace of trophy bass from last year at this time and I look forward to the next couple of months as the big females will start to move up and begin to stage in the shallows. Just that magical time of year now.

Incredible Fall Florida Bass Fishing!12/14/2018

It has been a truly amazing last couple months of fishing! Most trips are producing 40 to 70 bass and we have truly had an incredible start to our season here, I had return customer David Cogburn in for 5 days of fishing and David boated a mind boggling 308 bass in those 5 days with numerous bass over 9 pounds! Then on December 12th long time customers Jim Hernandez and Harold Hendren made it in for another trip and while we got off to a slow start as the temperature dropped all the way down to 26 degees, we were rewarded for our tough start as Harold boated the bass of a lifetime! He boated a bass that was one ounce shy of 12 pounds, coming in at 11 pounds 15 ounces! The fishing and especially the big bass fishing is starting to heat up here! I am really excited to see what this season holds!

Explosive Fall Florida Bass Fishing10/12/2018

Well Fall is finally here! Most of my return customers know this is my favorite time of the year. For numbers of fish and also for BIG bass. I am happy to report that the Fall season has started with a real bang! Trips have been producing 35-40 bass per day and the big girls are starting to explode to life! It has been a stellar fishing year and the last week it has stepped up even further. I had return customer Tom Martin in for a short 4 hour trip and he and his brother boated 33 bass with an 8 pound, 8 pound 8 ounce bass, and a 9 pounder! I then had longtime customers and pals Johnny Sands, Jared Lester and Paul Boling in for a short trip and they boated 38 bass topped by Jared’s 9 pound 4 ounce beauty! Last but certainly not least, I had customer Jacob Drewry and family in for a morning’s fishing and his son Ty had a trip I’d be willing to bet he’ll never forget. The group boated 38 bass and were anchored by Ty’s 8 pound 12 ounce bass and his HULKING 10 pound 10 ounce bass! This fish was over 27 and a half inches long and had she been caught a few months from now, could have easily exceeded 12 pounds! I’m extremely grateful that we have been spared by the Tropical Weather for the most part this year and am EXTREMELY excited about this upcoming season!

Super Hot Fishing5/25/2018

It has been a crazy past couple of weeks and I've fallen behind on getting my posts out, so here goes....Right now is easily the best fishing of the year!! The fishing has done nothing short of EXPLODED the last few weeks on a couple of our local lakes and rivers!!!!! The slowest day we have had in that stretch was 39 bass and the best day we've had is 78! We have had 4 days in this time frame with 70+ bass! I always tell my customers that I live for May thru December and this is a great example of why. It's truly a great time to be a Florida Bass Fishing Guide!