Fishing Report

All fishing reports are exact. We will not exaggerate fish totals or weights to gain your business. All large fish are weighed on a Boga Grip.

5/28/2021 Rodman Reservoir Fishing Report05/28/2021

****LITERALLY THE BEST BIG BASS FISHING REPORT/DAY OF FISHING I HAVE EVER HAD***** Having been blessed to have fished one of the best trophy bass lakes in the world for over forty years, the law of averages you just have to figure, means over that span that I have seen some insane big bass fishing. I've had days where we have caught over 140 bass. I've had days where we have had 15 bass topping the 8 pound mark and days where we've had 3 double digit bass. But NEVER, EVER have I had day like I had when customer Rob Lane and some fishing buddies made it down from New Jersey to do some fishing! What if I told you that not only did we strike double digit gold, but struck it 5 times!! What if I told you that our 5 best bass on this incredible day weighed in at 61 pounds 9 ounces!!! You heard that right, a 12.3 pound average for our 5 biggest bass that day!!! Well that's exactly what happened. On this day of monster bass mayhem not only did they catch 5 bass that topped 11 pounds, they also caught a 12 pounder and two bass that topped 13 pounds!!!! The incredible 5 came in at 11lbs 1oz, 11lbs 4oz, 12lbs, 13lbs 8oz & 13lbs 12oz!!!!! The boys also caught an 8lb 2ozer that day for good measure. Guys it's also worth noting that these were post-spawn bass. The two biggest fish were enormous! They measured one at over 29 inches and the biggest one at over 30 inches!! If these fish were caught pre-spawn they could have easily pushed the 15 pound plus mark!!!! I'm not sure that I'll ever see another day like this, but one can only hope and keep swinging for the fences! Coming into this season I was ecstatic that my customers had boated 3 TrophyCatch Florida "Hall of Fame" Bass (Bass over 13lbs). That was over a span over several years. Now these two, combined with the one we caught earlier this year, take the total to 6 "Hall of Fame" catches. We've caught as many in the last couple months as we have in the 7 or 8 years we participated in the TrophyCatch Florida Program!!!! Proof that the BIG BASS fishing is alive and well in Florida! This also brings the total bass topping 10 pounds to an mazing 35 this year with lots of time still to go! So excited to see how this record breaking year for my guide service shakes out!

5/9/2021 Rodman Reservoir Fishing Report05/09/2021

I'm SUPER behind on my fishing reports as we are still wide open. But wanted to jump on to let the folks that were wondering know that it's still an incredible bass fishing year here! Trips are still producing 30-40 bass per day and still full swing on the big girls! I had long time customer and pal Johnny Sands and his son in for a morning trip. Now Johnny is a hammer and the guys did their usual stellar job catching 36 bass and Johnny got an 8lber and then also got not one, but TWO bass that tipped the scales at 10lbs even!! The next day I had long time customer Ronnie Hunter and buddy in for a short morning trip and they got 33 bass topped by a beautiful 8-1/4lber! Two days later I had long time customer Bud Kinalow and his friend Chris in for a short morning trip and they hit the double digit mark getting a 7-1/2 and one that again came in at 10lbs even!!! The thing people should realize is that this is a year round trophy bass fishery and you don't have to be here in the winter or early spring to catch a giant. This area is a year round trophy bass factory!! We're having a GREAT year for 10lb + bass! For trophy bass guides in Florida 20-30 honest to goodness 10 pound and above bass is a REALLY good year! So far with almost 5 months to go in my fiscal year we are at 30 bass 10 pounds or greater!!!! This literally could shape up to be one of the best, if not THE best trophy bass (10 pound plus) year I have ever had!! Can't wait to see how it shakes out!

Rodman Reservoir Fishing Report 4/19/202104/19/2021

The great Spring fishing continues. Trips in the last couple of weeks typically have produced between 25-45 bass per day with lots of double digit bass coming over the side of the boat! Here's a couple of the highlight trips from that time frame. I had long time customers Phil Kicklighter and Carroll Proffitt come in for a morning's fishing and the boys boated 24 bass topped by a a 7lb 2oz, 7lb 14oz and 9lb 9ozer. the next day i had Scott Young and Rick Smith in for another trip and they struck gold with Scott getting a 10lb 8ozer and Rick getting in on the action with a 8lber they also added a 7lb 8ozer to their big bass total. The next day I had Greg Brown, Sr and Greg Brown, Jr in for a couple of days fishing. On their first day the guys got 28 bass and scored a 7lb 8oz and 10lber! On day 2 they had a big day again boating 37 bass with two bass at 7lbs and they again got a 10lb 2ozer!! The next day I had long time customer Dave Greeson come back for a couple of days of fishing. He caught 64 bass in those 2 days, but day 1 was the magic day as Dave boated 40 bass even topped by a beautiful 10 pounder!! Then last but not least I had return customer Greg Stewart come in for a morning's fishing and boated 41 bass topped by a 7lb and 9lb 4ozer

Rodman Reservoir Fishing Report 4/05/202104/05/2021

The hot bass fishing continues! A really fun part of my job is forging close friendships with so many of the folks we take fishing. This week was a great reminder of that. The unseasonably cold weather and wind kept us off the water a few days this week, but the days we were there made up for it! I had longtime customer Rocky Easterwood come in for three days of fishing on Rodman and he boated 89 bass total over the three days. The first day he caught 36 to 8lbs. The second day he caught 31 topped by an 8lb 14ozer and the final day he caught 22 but tied his personal best with a Rodman bruiser that came in at 10 pounds even! Then Sunday I had long time customers Tom Easterly, Heath Chester and James Bell in for a short morning trip and a memorable trip it was! The boys caught 27 bass with a 7lb, 8lb 4oz, 9lb 2oz & 10lb 2oz Rodman studs!! We are coming in to such a fun time of year as these bass move post spawn and start to feed up! Really looking forward to the week ahead!

Rodman Reservoir Fishing Report 3/29/202103/29/2021

Fishing is Getting HOT and Big Bass Galore! So many fun trips in the last week not even sure where to start! The big bass are still coming over the side of the boat in droves and the numbers are starting to go up also! Tuesday had the outstanding lady fishing team of Kayla and Kim Miros in for a morning trip! Last time out Kim caught her personal best at just a few ounces shy of 10lbs and this time it was Kayla's turn. Kim and Kayla boated a fantastic 41 bass topped by Kayla's gorgeous 8lb 9oz bass! Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I had long time customers John Cleek Jr and Dan Cole come in for some fun Rodman fishing! On Day 1 the boys boated 32 bass to 8.75lbs. Day 2 the boys got 28 bass to 8.5lbs. Their final day was the slowest numbers day of the week as the boys boated 23 bass. What they lacked in numbers they made up for in size! The boys caught gobs of bass between 5 and 7.25lbs but also both scored their personal best bass with Dan getting a 10.25 and John getting an 11lber!!!! Saturday I had long time customer David Swain and his son back for another trip on Rodman. The big bass March continued as David and his son caught 33 bass on a short morning trip and David got his personal best and also got into the double digit club catching a fat and gorgeous 10lb Rodman chunk! Last but certainly not least, earlier in the week we had new customer Carl Schwenker in for a morning trip and Carl also joined the double digit club getting another bass that tipped the scales at 10lbs even! I also want to point out the insane population of Manatee that are in Rodman at the moment! They are refugee animals that are seeking food in Rodman due to the lack of vegetation in Lake George and The St.Johns right now! Rodman Reservoir is an incredible and vital wildlife sanctuary : )

Rodman Reservoir Fishing Report 3/22/202103/22/2021

Rodman Reservoir Bass Fishing Report 3/22/2021 The fishing has remained really strong in the last week. Trips have been producing 25-35 bass and the bigs are still coming over the side of the boat! So many fun trips in the last few days, but there are two trips that stood out. I had long time customers Ray Hundley, John Moremon and Brian Nutt in for a super half day and the boys boated 34 bass and Ray caught a gorgeous 10lb 8ozer! The big fish looked like she still had roe in her. The next day John Moremon returned, but this time brought pal Vaun Cummins and two more fishing partners and Vaun got big bass of the day as the guys boated 26 bass topped by Vaun's spawned out 11lber!! This was a large bass and if caught a month ago before the spawn, could've been a real heavyweight! As you can clearly see, the bass fishing is really starting to get cranked up on Rodman!

Rodman Reservoir Fishing Report 3/15/202103/15/2021

Man we had another great week of trips!!!!! The big girls keep on rolling in! First we had Ellen Burke and her cohorts come in for a morning of fishing and did they ever hit pay dirt! Boating 31 bass topped by Ellen's 12 pounder!!!! Next came Rodney and Carolyn Crocker who made the journey down from Summerdale, Alabama. They were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and decided to do it by taking a bass fishing trip. It was Rodney's wish that Carolyn get to catch most of the bass and did she ever! Her first bass over the side of the boat was a 28" bass that was spawned out but still weighed 10lbs 12oz! But Carolyn wasn't done, they boated a total of 29 bass and she also landed a 9lb 2oz AND an 8lb 8ozer!! I sure hope they enjoyed it as much as I did. Next came return customer Tom Cadwell and his fishing buddy Rick they boated 23 bass and we struck that double digit gold again with Rick getting a long and lean 10lber! Last but certainly not least, True Burns made it in for a short morning trip and True boated about 17 bass topped by a whopping 11lb 4ozer that was still full of roe and looked like she was about to burst!! So truly blessed to have this incredible trophy bass fishery that is Rodman Reservoir!!!!

Rodman Reservoir Fishing Report 3/8/202103/08/2021

It has been another great week of bass fishing on Rodman Reservoir! Trips are averaging between 25-30 bass per day and lots of really great fish! I had repeat customers the Hunter Family come in for a little adventure on their trip through Florida and did Mike Sr. ever steal the show! The boys totaled 51 bass with scores of bass between 5 to 7-1/2 lbs and Mike Sr. did some major work catching a 9lb, 9lb 1oz, 10lb & 10-1/2 pound Rodman hammers!! Another good trip of note saw return customers Delandry and Gavin Tanner make it back in for a day of fishing with me. They had the misfortune of fishing with us after a tropical storm had passed in the Summer and the trip didn't go the way we would've liked. But the boys made it back down and this time the results were different! They boated 26 bass topped by an 8lbs 9oz, 8lbs 12oz & 9-1/2lb bass!! Excited as both the temperatures and the fishing are starting to heat up!!!