How To Book A Trip With Us

Just follow the easy hassle-free instructions below:

Step 1: Contact us by either phoning (352)843-0939 or by email at: to check on the availability of the dates you are looking for. Many areas we fish are rural and cell phone service is iffy at best. If we are unable to take your original call please leave your name and number and your call will absolutely be returned no later than the same evening / night.

Step 2: After pinning down the date you will fish we need to decide on the amount of time and which trip option would best fit your schedule. You can visit our Guide Rates page for a general overview. We also need to decide exactly what type of trip you are looking for and what your expectations might be. For example: Are you looking for that one giant fish or are you looking for high numbers of fish? This could effect the decision related to which body of water we fish. We chase the fish and will always try to keep you on the right body of water at the right time to try to meet and in fact exceed your expectations! So be flexible and trust us to suggest the correct location and keep you on some hot fishing!

Step 3: Now we need to get your contact info. I will need to get a cell phone or contact number for you while in Florida. Also your hotel or location if local in case we are picking you up and any additional info you would like to provide.

Step 4: We need to select a method of payment. For your convenience we do not currently require a booking fee. We simply ask that you let us know as soon as you are able if you are unable to make the trip so we can schedule another angler. We accept cash, checks, money orders, and traveller's cheques. We do not accept credit cards currently as we have found them to be troublesome in the event of a refund, etc. We prefer good 'ole cash!

After all your info has been collected you are ready to go! We feel these methods make the process as stream-lined and trouble free as possible. Just call and lets touch base a few days before your trip and I'll give you an up-to-date fishing report or be glad to assist you with lodging, restaurant suggestions, etc. Now you're set and lets go get after them!