What to Expect

First and foremost I want you to have the most fun and successful trip imaginable! So I just wanted to take a few moments to outline what to expect on a trip with us:

Outlook: We practice catch and release! This is very important to us to preserve the quality of these fisheries for future generations. We carry digital equipment and can document your trip in as much detail as you would like! I will NEVER exaggerate fishing reports or fish weights! I will always try and give you an honest forecast for what our days fishing will bring. I weigh my fish on a Boga Grip fish scale so I will be able to provide you with an honest and hyper accurate fish weight.

Boat: As discussed on the Boat and Equipment page I am currently operating two rigs. The large War Eagle and the more stealthy mud boat. They are outstanding fishing platforms and have all required USCG safety equipment. I am able to carry up to five passengers besides myself in the large vessel and 3 of us total on the smaller one. So we are able to keep a larger fishing charter together in the one larger boat for some great times. This is why I chose this fishing platform over a bass boat rig.

Equipment: Also discussed on the Boat and Equipment page, we use Shimano and Lews bait-casting reels on 7 to 8 foot trigger style rods. We need this sort of tackle to land these large fish around the structure that exists here. If you are not familiar with this tackle no worries, I will place the baits in the best spot for you if necessary and also coach you thru familiarizing yourself with the tackle.

What you need to bring: We supply nearly everything you could possibly need on a trip with the exception of a few items. You will need a valid Florida fishing license. We provide all drinks. The drinks are generally bottled waters or some form of Gatorade product. Some of the trips we are out there for a good while and you may want to bring a snack or lunch for yourself. We generally suggest that you bring a comfortable hat and sunglasses and protect yourself using sun block. Here in central Florida it can be 27 degrees in the morning and 85 in the afternoon! We advise clients to dress in layers. Customers may choose to bring rain gear in the event of forecasted rain.

Start Time: We generally like to start our trips at day break. Many times we are able to catch a days worth of fish before we even see another angler on the water! We can however always alter the start times to meet our client's needs. Afternoon trips are always available for customers that need to get a later start.

No-Fish-No-Pay-Guarantee: While many factors beyond a guides control can affect the outcome of a days fishing, I feel confident in my ability to adapt to any given situation and give you the best opportunity at a great days fishing. So confident in fact that I back it up with the guarantee that if clients don't catch a single bass while on a trip with me then you pay no expenses besides the cost of the live bait if any was purchased. Its that simple. No gimmicks. Just to let you know this hasn't happened yet in 29 plus years! If it were to happen then it would fall under these guidelines and it would be entirely up to you if you wanted to compensate the guide or not.

What To Expect From Me As Your Guide: You can expect a courteous, respectful guide. You will never pull an anchor or bait a hook while fishing with me. This is your day to sit back and enjoy and you will be catered to. Listen guys, I've heard some crazy stories about trips clients have had with other guides. Everything from being charged for backlashes and broken rods, fees for showing up late, guys charging for coaching lessons for phone time with them, etc. You can certainly expect none of that with me. First I buy line in bulk spools so backlashes just aren't a big thing. If we somehow break a rod it gives me an excuse to buy the latest and greatest so no problem there. Probably the silliest of all to me would be to charge for fishing info/advice/techniques. I simply love to share info and talk fishing too much and will always be glad to do so free of charge! I love what I do and am still to this day as fish crazy as ever. I will work as hard as I can for you from the moment we launch the boat until the last cast. We also always try to keep it light and have fun while out there making these fantastic memories. I can also assist you to arrange for some great lodging so please feel free to inquire with me about this also. Thanks! -Sean