Fishing Report

All fishing reports are exact. We will not exaggerate fish totals or weights to gain your business. All large fish are weighed on a Boga Grip.

Super Summer Fishing 06/26/2014
Guys the fishing has been absolutely awesome here the last few weeks! The best way I can explain it is to simply break it down into numbers for you. Since my last fishing report 13 days ago we have boated 502 bass! The slowest trip we had we boated 20, the best trip we had we boated 61! That breaks down to an average of roughly 39 bass per day! Also keep in mind that nearly every one of these trips are short 4 hour trips! This summer has started off as one of the best I have ever seen here! The fish are concentrated and when you find them they are hungry and willing! The trick is to get out early and beat the heat. For anyone interested in getting out and having a blast right now I have July 1st, 6th, and 12th open. Take care guys and God bless.

Best Fishing of 2014 06/12/2014
OOOOHHHHH YYYYEEEEAAAAHHHH!!!! Guys all I can say about the fishing right now is that it is FANTASTIC!!!!! Right now I would have to say that the fishing is by far the best that it has been so far in 2014. In spite of the frequent afternoon rain storms the water is just beautiful right now. Area lakes and rivers are on FIRE!! The fewest fish we have caught in the last few weeks is 23 on a trip, and the best day we have had we caught 61!!!! Most trips average around 40 fish per trip, and most trips are short 4-5 hour fishing excursions. After the crazy winter we had this is such a welcome time! It is definitely the most fun and consistent bite so far this year, as the area has exploded to life!! It looks like it could be one of those fish crazy summers! The trick is of course to get out early and beat the heat and the afternoon showers. For anyone interested I still have a few days open in June if you’d like to come have some fun. Thanks and god bless

Phenomenal Late Spring Fishing 05/31/2014
Man what a week it has been! The fishing has been absolutely fantastic on area lakes and rivers!! Trips have been relatively short, but have been LARGE on numbers and BEAUTIFUL fish!!!! Most trips have been producing 20-40 fish with some real beauties as you can see from our pictures on Facebook and Twitter!! This is a truly fun time of year when conditions are right!! And conditions are right!!

Fantastic Fishing!!!! 05/25/2014
Hi guys!! Just wanted to get back into doing the regular fishing reports again and am SUPER EXCITED to report this week on how well the fishing has been!! The water like I had reported last week has started to clear and the fish have just went bonkers!! We have had several trips in the last week that have produced around 40 fish on relatively short trips!! A few highlights of the week are: Ray Hundley from Louisville, KY and his 2 friends in for a morning trip and boated 38 beautiful bass!! David Moore from Kentucky on a short morning trip that produced around 30 fish!! Vernon Stone and his wife in for a few days fishing catching 82 bass!! But the trip of the week was yesterday! First I had a trip in the morning at a local lake and we boated 28 bass in 3+ hours in the morning!! But then I had Jon Haney and Jason Hursey from the Jacksonville, Florida area in for a short afternoon trip and they caught 21 bass, with get this, the 6 best bass weighing: 7lbs, 7lbs 2oz, 7lbs 8oz, 7lb 10oz, 8lbs and a 9lb 12oz beauty!!!! Can you say AWESOME fishing!!!! Maybe some of the best that we have seen so far in 2014!!!! I am SO SUPER EXCITED about the fishing to come!!!! Anyone looking for a chance to get in on some of this stellar fishing I have a few days open in the coming weeks!!!! As of now I have May 29th and 31st open and also June 1st, 2nd,13th,14th,15th,16th,17th,18th and 19th open!! Anyone on the fence I would have to say it would be seriously worth your while!! Thanks