Fishing Report

All fishing reports are exact. We will not exaggerate fish totals or weights to gain your business. All large fish are weighed on a Boga Grip.

January Hawg Bass Fishing Report!!!! 01/30/2014
Hi guys!! I know it has been a while since I have done a report and I have gotten lots of requests for a report so here goes!! Well as I am sure you are all aware of this crazy weather season! It is 80 degrees one day and then 48 degrees the next and then pouring rain the following day!! The crazy weather has certainly made it a challenge for us fishermen. But luckily if you know where to look you will find cooperative bass! I can’t underscore enough how much it is important right now to hire a guide if coming here!! The water is down and navigation can be nothing short of TREACHEROUS and with the abundant rain the water is a little stained and can make locating fish a little tough! You need to be out there on a daily basis and following their ever changing movements. My guess is you’ll find it a little tough if not. Both on your boat and your fish numbers!! The silver lining in all of this is that the cooler water temps have got the BIG girls moving!! We are averaging 20 to 30 fish per day right now but with some real HAWGS coming over the side in the last few weeks!! But I am just gonna talk about this last week!! First I had David Glass and friend Blake in for a 3 day fishing package and 2nd fish of the day during the first hour and on the first day was a MONSTER 12 pound 1 ounce Hawg Beast!! Not to be outdone his partner Blake boated a BEAUTIFUL 10 pound 1 ounce HAWG a few hours later!!!! That is two whoppers in one day!!!! The next customer I had was Wallace West and his friends Benny and Eddie in for another 3 day package and you know what? The first morning he boats an 11 pound 10 ounce HAWG!!!! You guys seeing a trend here? I believe this is going to be a great season and believe these fish will spawn later this year here due to the unseasonably cold temps and rain. I believe these conditions will now extend the monster bass fishing well into the late spring and early summer as temps normalize and the water clears!! Take care guys and hope to talk to you soon!! Visit the Photo Gallery for the new pics!!

12/9 to 12/22/2013 Fishing Report!!!! 12/22/2013
Well the season is in full swing now!! With all the trips the reports may get fewer and fewer for the next few months so I’ll share with you what’s going on here, which I’m really excited about, and the reservoir conditions and then some thoughts!! The fishing continues to be strong!! We have boated TONS of fish in the 8 to 10.5 pound range in the last few weeks!! The big fish have started showing up earlier this year than last which may bode very well for an exciting trophy bass season!!!! There may never be a more important year for you to hire a fishing guide if you consider fishing Rodman!! Both the amount of aquatic vegetation, which can change both the daily accessibility of different boat ramps and change which holes you can fish EACH and EVERY day, and the excessive rainfall that we have gotten over the last few weeks can make this a real challenge if you’re not out there on a daily basis!! With the water a little stained and fluctuating, you need to be on them on a daily basis to really be successful!! There is some unbelievable fishing if you are out there and recognize the ever changing patterns, and thankfully with my busy schedule I am on these fish every day to provide probably unmatched knowledge on their whereabouts at this time!! Also a thought: Please release these fish people!! There is nothing worse than looking on Facebook or other social media and seeing a stack of large bass piled up to show off to your friends!!!! While I realize 98% of people are great fishing enthusiasts and do release them, it’s really sad to see people kill these bigger bass!! It is generally the inexperienced fisherman that feel the need to do this, but it shows little thought for any fishery to do this!! Conserve this wonderful resource now and in the future!!

Week Ending 12/8/2013 Fishing Report 12/08/2013
Man is this winter or spring?!?! You know I just can’t figure it out? It was pretty much freezing on Thanksgiving day and now it’s 85 and sunny with a nice southern breeze every day!! Well I guess things could be worse!! LOL Well the fishing has improved as the week has went on with the number of fish being landed going up!! The bigger fish went nuts on the cold snap over Thanksgiving and we caught lots of 9-10.5 pound bass in the days following the cold weather. The weather warming has really turned lots of fish on and improved the bite even more but the biggest this week was a 9.75 lber by Dennis Vosburgh and 9.25 lber landed by Pat Kristopher!! The big fish seem as confused as I am about this weather and right now and any hint of a cold snap pulls the double digit fish up shallow!! Here’s to hoping we get some cooler weather in the next few days because they are primed and ready!! For anyone interested I have December 20,29,30,& 31 left open in this month and several afternoon slots if you’d like to get in on this magnificent fishing!!!! Thanks –Sean

Week Ending 12/1/2013 Big Bass Report!! 12/01/2013
Well folks the weather turned cold and the bass got big!!!! Crazy how this seems to happen every year!! Just as soon as we get some freezing temps the double digit fish start to show up!! We had pretty much freezing temps Thanksgiving morning and wouldn’t you know it the MONSTER fish turned on. The next 2 days we caught piles of lunker 9 and 10 plus pound bass!!!! On Friday I had friend and customer Bill Cole and family in from Kentucky and they boated 26 bass with a 7lb 12oz, 8lb, 9lb, and 10lb 8ozer!! Then the same afternoon I had friend and customer Ray Hundley and family also from Kentucky and we had 16 more beauties topped off by a 7lb and 9lb 12ozer!!!! the next day I had Jeramy Daniels and his father in for a short trip in the morning and we caught 21 fish topped by a 7lb 2oz, 7lb 12oz, 7lb 14oz, 8lb 8oz, and another gorgeous 10lb 4ozer!!!! The magic is starting to happen and happen now!! How fun this has been!!!! I still have a few days left open in December if anybody wants to come and match wits with these HAWGS!!!! LOL I have December 8,16,20,21,22,28,29,30 & 31 if anyone is interested! I also have some afternoon slots available on several other days also. Take care my friends!!!! –Sean