Fishing Report

All fishing reports are exact. We will not exaggerate fish totals or weights to gain your business. All large fish are weighed on a Boga Grip.

Lights Out Summer Fishing!! 08/25/2015
Hi Guys! The spectacular summer fishing continues. What is happening right now almost defies logic. Usually strong summer rains = high, red water and slow fishing, but incredibly the fishing is unbelievably and freakishly good!! Guys the bass have been ABSOLUTELY POUNDING IT RIGHT NOW!!!! The fishing is so good, it feels like the drawdown is already here!! We have been catching 35+ bass per trip on short morning trips!! And these are some REALLY great fish! We are catching piles of fat and sassy 6-8lb fish, but have also got fish up to 11lbs in the last few weeks!!!! The incredible bass producing destination that is Rodman Reservoir continues to roll on!! For anyone interested in getting in on the fun, I have several days open in the next couple of weeks!

More Summer Fun AND Some Drawdown Info 08/02/2015
Hi Everybody!! I probably sound like a broken record right now, LOL, but boy are we having some fun this summer!! The fantastic summer fishing continues! We are doing short morning trips this time of year to beat the heat and also avoid the afternoon showers! The fish have continued to cooperate happily and often!! We are still averaging 20-35 fish per trip, and in the last week the bigger fish have started to show up again!! For anyone interested I have a few days open as of now in mid-August. If anyone would like to get out for a few hours, please let me know! Now on to some exciting news!! They have decided to start the drawdown early this year!!!! Instead of starting in mid-November or early December, they are going to start dropping it (conditions permitting) October 1st!!!!!!!!!! So that means there will be an extended drawdown this time around! Instead of being down 2 months, it will be down 3 to 3-1/2 months!!!! For you guys that fished with me last drawdown you know what this means…..INSANELY GOOD FISHING!!!!!! I’m super excited for the upcoming season!!!! So much so that I added a second boat! As they are dropping the water and then raising it back up, sometimes the boat ramps are hard to access due to the fluctuating water levels! So to assure myself and my customers are able to get out there for the whole drawdown, I purchased a 2015 Sea Ark Mud Runner 180 Mud Boat!!!! These are the boats you see on shows like Duck Dynasty, etc. that can go ANYWHERE!!!!They literally can run in virtually no water! And if I can get the wheels of the trailer in the water, I can get her off the trailer and take off! This will also open up areas that we can access during the drawdown that will be impossible for the average angler to get to!!!! So we now have two boating options for my customers!!!! Super excited about the possibilities!!!!!!!!!

Heck of a Year and Some Stellar Summer Fishing 07/11/2015
Well in review all I can say is that this year has definitely been one for the record books!!!! This has been one of the best BIG BASS years I have ever witnessed, if not THE BEST!!!! Not only was it a stellar Fall, Winter and Spring, but the way we have continued to catch these HAWG fish in the numbers we have, is nothing short of AMAZING!!!! I have been getting everybody’s TrophyCatch qualifying bass that they caught with me together this fishing season and forwarding the info on to them to submit, as many of you well know. Well as of now (and I still have most of January and February’s big fish to sort through and add up) we are at 160 BASS SO FAR THAT CUSTOMERS CAUGHT WITH ME THIS SEASON THAT QUALIFIED FOR TROPHYCATCH!!!!!!!!!! That means that with 2 months of our peak season to still add up, as well as over 2-1/2 months to go we have caught 160 bass exceeding 8 lbs!!!!! I think when it’s all said and done and the final tally is in, it could be around or over 200!!!!! That just shows you how absolutely incredible of a fishery this is and with all the massive fish in the reservoir this year can you imagine what the upcoming drawdown is going to be like?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I can’t wait !!!!!!!!!! Right now the fishing is still completely awesome and the numbers we are catching daily is actually increasing!!!! We are averaging 30-50 fish per day right now!!!! We had one day this week where we actually had 53!!!! The reservoir is beautiful right now and the water in places is crystal clear and in spots you can see down 20 feet to the bottom!! When we have conditions like this it usually makes for AWESOME summer fishing and that certainly appears to be the case!! For anyone interested in getting out there for a fun morning’s fishing, I have a few days open in the upcoming weeks. If anyone is interested please let me know! I have also got some incredible news about the drawdown this year I will be sharing in the next couple of days! So everyone get ready

Guys, I have to be honest that I just want to pinch myself!!!! To say the fishing is good right now simply does not do it justice!!!! The fishing right now is on par with what we have here a lot in the winter months as far as the big fish go!! We have just been absolutely crushing the BIG fish!!!! We are catching piles of fish 10 lbs and bigger and are getting some great numbers!! I would have to honestly say that this is the best summer fishing I have perhaps ever seen for big fish!!!! The last 2 days in a row I have had customers boat fish over 10 lbs and lots of days we are boating MULTIPLE big fish!!!! Including 9 year old Eli Tuten boating a 10 lber today on his birthday!!!! Rodman is in beautiful shape and I couldn’t be more excited about this summer!!!! For anyone looking I still have a few days left open in July as of today!!!! Thanks guys and I hope all is well with everyone!!!!