Tips From the Pros For Largemouth Bass

2013-14 Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's
Freshwater Regulation Book

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(Note: This is a small excerpt from the 2013-14 FWC Freshwater Regulations Book. I copied out the portion that pertained to Trophy Bass Expeditions)

Sean Rush, Owner/Operator of Trophy Bass Expeditions of Central Florida (

When I helped Bob Williams catch the first Hall of Fame bass inducted into the TrophyCatch program in February 2013, it was on Rodman Reservoir with a big wild shiner. I give my clients three important tips when fishing live shiners for trophy bass. First, it's live bait so once you get it in position let it do the work, don't reel it or drag it. Second, always leave the bail open, so the bass doesn't feel the line. Give it 3–5 seconds to get the bait in position. Bass will often flip bait around in their mouth so they can swallow it head first. Finally, when you set the hook, set it hard. I use a 4/0 hook and 20-pound big-game line, with the hook below the lateral line near the bait's tail. Remember, be ready to take a quick photo of the entire fish on a scale and tape measure, so you can register your lunkers with TrophyCatch!(see video:

We are a full time Daytona Beach Florida Bass Fishing Guide Service and fishing charter service. We have been guiding and fishing the St. Johns River and Ocala National Forest Lakes, which are a mere 30 to 40 minutes away from Daytona for over 25 years.

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